A diesel fuel pump is a major component of your diesel engine.

A good quality diesel pump safely transfers fuel to the cylinders in your engine. This ensures your engine runs smoothly, consistently and lasts for a long time.

However, if your diesel pump is struggling to transfer fuel, you could experience engine overheating, poor performance, and a reduction in your engine’s lifespan.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the performance benefits of reconditioned diesel fuel pumps. ARA Engine’s highly experienced technicians use the latest machinery to safely restore your diesel fuel pump, as close as possible, to its factory specifications.


Our Process

We thoroughly clean and inspect your diesel fuel pump to identify any signs of damage.

All diesel pump components are repaired and recalibrated to their exact factory specifications. If we cannot repair your diesel pump to its original condition, we offer you a range of quality pre-conditioned diesel pumps to match your vehicle.

This way, you avoid spending a fortune on buying a brand new diesel pump, and you don’t have to worry about engine problems disrupting your travels.


Increase the Lifespan of your Engine

A reconditioned diesel fuel pump will greatly extend the life of your engine.

By having your diesel fuel pumps reconditioned by a qualified technician, you reduce the risk of blocking your fuel supply lines; or damaging your engine air filter, valve, timing device, and injection nozzle.

With less wear-and-tear, your engine will function more smoothly and consistently. Plus, you’ll enjoy a smoother drive and idle performance.


Private and Commercial-Use Warranty

At ARA Engine, we hate to see our customers experience issues with their reconditioned diesel fuel pumps.

That’s why we offer you a range of warranties for commercial and private-use vehicles. Because you shouldn’t have to spend your hard-earned money trying to fix something twice.

So, in the unlikely event of a malfunction, an authorised technician will repair or replace your diesel fuel pump – FREE OF CHARGE.


Reconditioned Diesel Fuel Pumps
Reconditioned Diesel Fuel Pumps


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