Restore your Old Engine Back to Life

Throughout the lifespan of any existing vehicle, many will undergo services from a variety of different providers; whether it be through the official manufacturer itself or a third-party service. With each service that’s performed, it’s important that strict industry standards are met. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.  Poor quality, second-hand parts are often installed to reduce costs and save on time. These parts do not guarantee the same longevity that official OEM components offer and usually end up costing you more money and heartache in the long-run; plus many more visits to the shop! For your next engine reconditioning Sutherland Shire; rely on the people you can trust and come to ARA Engine Reconditioning.
ARA Engine Reconditioning

Official Parts and Suppliers

At ARA Engine Reconditioning, we pride ourselves on sourcing from reputable parts providers, to ensure that each engine is fitted with official OEM components. We understand that each vehicle is unique, which is why our team of dedicated staff seek out only the best and most suitable components for your engine.  By avoiding these cost-cutting methods, we provide each customer with an engine that will benefit from long-lasting enjoyment.

Comprehensive Engine Reconditioning Process

From the moment your engine enters the shop, we undergo a comprehensive inspection process. This involves analysing major and minor components, perform a comprehensive chemical clean and decide what parts need repairing or replacing. Our trained team is , equipped with knowledge on a vast array of engine types, which enables us to cater our services to a variety of industries.

Fully Equipped Shop


Once we’ve performed the initial inspection, our staff will undergo the necessary tasks required to bring your engine back to life. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve had hands-on experience with numerous engine modification and repair machinery. Our expansive shop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to get the job done right, with reputable brands such as:

  • Berco
  • Magmaster
  • Sunnen
  • AMC
  • Bosch
  • Newen

Each machine performs very specific tasks, in order to produce components that work within the context of the engine’s operational standards. These include, dynamic balancing (to minimise noise and vibration), line boring (resizes main bearings) and crack detection; for locating cracks in axles, gears and crankshafts. With a range of reputable and quality equipment at our disposal, this means that every engine reconditioning Sutherland Shire job is performed at its peak efficiency.

Engine Reconditioning Sutherland Shire

Serving the Sutherland Shire Region

The Sutherland Shire region is populated by several bay areas (Wooloware Bay, Bate Bay and Botany Bay), all of which connect to the Eastern Tasman Sea. With such a vital focus on the marine industry, there’s an understandable need for reliable performance with vehicles that operate in the waters. At ARA Engine Reconditioning, we’re experienced with a range of marine vehicles and engine types, with a readily-equipped shop to handle any task. With a comprehensive engine reconditioning Sutherland Shire performed, any worn down vehicle can be instantly brought back to its factory-standard condition.

At ARA Engine Reconditioning, we’re proud to deliver results that provide long-lasting use for every vehicle. By sourcing only the best possible OEM components, backed by a dedicated support team; we excel in every job or task that we perform. Combined with our 30 years of experience in the industry, this is what allows ARA Engine Reconditioning to continue doing what they do best. For your next engine reconditioning Sutherland Shire, choose the people you trust at ARA Engine Reconditioning.

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